The Acadian Entomological Society is a registered scientific society whose objectives are to bring about a close association of entomologists and those interested in entomology in the four Atlantic Provinces and the neighbouring New England States, and to cooperate with and to support the Entomological Society of Canada.  Founded in 1915, the Society caters to professional entomologists, amateurs, and educators.  Membership is open to anyone with an interest in entomology.  The Society meets annually, typically in July, and publishes proceedings from these meetings. You can now join the AES online here.

2018 Annual Meeting Cancelled

Unfortunately we have decided to cancel the 2018 meeting which was to be held in St. John’s, NL in August. There were too few registrations to make holding the meeting worthwhile. Anyone who has already paid registration fees will be reimbursed. Hopefully the next time the meeting is held on the rock we won’t be competing with the ESC joint meeting with the American society in Vancouver. We may hold an AGM using videoconferencing – details will be sent if this goes ahead. Thanks for your interest. And the NL Organizing Committee thanks everyone for their support.
– AES Executive

Manuscript Submissions

Members and non-members are invited to submit their manuscripts to the Journal of the Acadian Entomological Society, an electronic refereed scientific journal produced by the Society. Occasional papers, containing information of special interest or taxonomic value that do not fit the terms of reference for publication in the Journal may also be published intermittently.


AES Logo
Rhagoletis pomenella
, the apple maggot,
email appears on the AES shield and is the only
familiar insect indigenous to the region.